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Before starting I must clear that this article is not intend to hurt any religion or caste these are the personal experience and theory given by me.
Since my childhood I only think about evils,  gods and ghosts that what possibility that they exist?  even my grandparents tells stories of them which are pretty much interesting and have a lot of moral and ethical values. As I grow up, My interest takes me towards science which completely denies their existence. So I recall the stories and the moral values in them and tried to find my answers. I found that many years ago when the humans are developing they are living and behaving same like animals, some of them evolved themselves better and used their constructive mind to make humans better,  we call them ''Rishi-Muni'' or ''Sadhu''. In the Indian history you will find these Rishi's have a wide and important role in society.  Actually they are the Doctors, Scientists and Engineers at that time,  you may find all that in Vedas,  and Indian epic stories.

How the concept of GOD came in existence! 

According to historical aspects  when humans behaved ruthless and become unkind, everywhere is crime and people don't think of their personal life then the Rishi or Sadhu came to an point that If they have some kind of fear and hope then they might become good person and get busy in their own work. Keeping this fact in mind they created a word GOD, and said that he is our leader we should follow him worship him and we all are child of god they created us. And then they introduced lot of stories about GOD which are being used to tell stories to next generation for giving moral and ethical values.

How the concept of GHOST came in existence! 

Even when the most of people starting believing in GOD and his existence some might have doubt or start going against him. They do their crimes and evil deeds at night (mostly night). Then the Rishi's have some problems to face them so they Created a concept of Ghost and signifies them that they are the bad souls of living ones who are killed by someone and they are very dangerous. They take revenge of their death. By this they almost controlled the situation and for making believe strongly they created lot of stories. 

How the personal and social problems controlled by Rishi's? 

When every one is living their life they do their daily works and uses the natural resources well. They cut trees and plants without any boundaries. Then Rishi's realised that our environment is on threat if it is going like this than soon there are no plants and trees.  Then they tried to teach them the importance of trees and plants along with uses and their application. But they failed because people didn't understand well. Then the Rishi's got an idea that why shouldn't we relate them with their GODs. But relating all plants with religion creates a doubt in people's mind so they related important plants and trees with God and large, big and woody with Ghosts. They thought by this people learn their usefulness, but it has an opposite reaction they start worshipping them planted in their gardens and at their homes. The big trees remains part of forests and remain undisturbed long years. But the protection of environment is successful. 
Every time they have problems they find suitable solution which is scientific but related with religion applicable for everyone.So what are your opinions about this.! 
Comment If you have experienced any thing like this......... ....!!!!!


  1. Dios existe porque no podemos explicar la muerte.

    1. The concept should be modified, they exist because we believe, here I am not saying stop believing but follow their words what they refer us to do . ....

  2. I read it in Hindi and what a beautiful lines you have written journal ek alag Tarah see joda h thanks ....

  3. I totally agree with you........


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