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Here You will find all your assignment and their solution which is prepared by Mr. Abhishek and his Team.

Understanding Your Assignment

Before you proceed to download or looking for your assignment, are you aware about it. The First three digits represents the subject code then comes the SA word which is unique in all the assignment ID's represents for SCIENCE ARENA. The last one is the publication number.

You can download you assignment after clicking on view button in download column. The file opens in new window where you can preview your file. You may download the file after clicking in right upper corner (If not seen then turn on desktop view of your browser). 

Answer key/Solution

The answer key will be available once your tutor uploads and enable the download links. For our newsletter do not forget to subscribe us. 

If you need any answer key/Assignment which is not opening here or downloading get in touch with us via our contact form along with Assignment ID. We will send the documents via mail.  

If you have any query regarding any assignment feel free to contact us with the assignment ID, we will get back to you with all your queries.


Assignment ID


Asnwer Key/Solution

1 BIO/SA/0021 Click View
2 BIO/SA/0022 Click View
3 BIO/SA/0023 Click View
4 BIO/SA/0024 Click View
5 BIO/SA/0025 Click View
6 BIO/SA/0026 Click View
7 BIO/SA/0027 Click View
8 BIO/SA/0028 Click View
9 BIO/SA/0029 Click View
10 BIO/SA/0030 Click View
11 BIO/SA/0031 Click View
12 BIO/SA/0032 Click View
13 BIO/SA/0033 Click View
14 BIO/SA/0034 Click View
15 BIO/SA/0035 Click View
16 BIO/SA/0036 Click View


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