SCIENCE : Before We Know

Before the origin of life on earth 🌍 the word science was originated because our 🏫 science starts from there. After the origin of species and life forms on earth science was developed and still evolving. 
Then the era comes when higher species were evolved which have some capabilities to understand that natural phenomenon and processes occuring in the environment. Spontaneously the species move to higher level of evolution, and today we are able to understand these phenomenon , explain them with theories, predict them and more. 
But the actual meaning of science is same in past and in future, '' Science is to analyze everything in your environment with a meaningful explanation ''.
This is we are doing since ancient  times,  our ancestors studied and analyzed them and stored in written form of explanation which today we take as examples. For example : VEDAS in Hindu religion which have lot of information about science(Medical Science)  based on the actual experimentation, Egyptian and Roman architectures  and many more. 
The previous civilizations which are lost they are very developed in science they created various large monument which modern tech can't do perfectly.
The modern science is totally based on the previous science explorations although we have created lot of technology which reduces our time and labour consumption but these tech doesn't have perfection like in ancient science. 

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