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Humans and any other species have defined composition of genes designed  by the nature in such a way that they are fully compatible and balance their natural ecosystem. 
Being super human and having super powers means some sort of genetic mutation which violates the nature's rule and cause imbalance in nature via polluting the wild genotypes. If some how it could become possible then nature have predefined rule to prevent further imbalancing. 
In nature it is defined that if any species violates its wild genotypic composition it becomes sterile so that it can't further be produced and eliminated naturally. For example : i have to mention from plant species  generally plant have diploid in nature but through naturally and artificially there is another type called triploids which have special and very large agronomic traits but they are sterile and cant be crossed so they are produced and cloned in laboratory to obtain their products.
Another example in humans if any genetic mutation occurs which have direct or indirect impact on phenotypic expression there is about 80% chances to have them sterile.  100% not because of if the mutation is low level or changes occur at low frequency then it can not be sterile and may be beneficial. 
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