BLOWFLY (Calliphoridae)

BLOW FLIES (calliphoridae) DON'T SWEAT 

Blowflies have been created a cooling technique by drooling to a high art.  The fly's technique isn't sweating. Sweat evaporates taking a tiny amount of body heat with it. Blowfly droplets put the cooling power of their natural fluids to use in a different way, In hot times these sturdy big eyed flies repeatedly release and then retract a drop of cooling saliva. The saliva hangs on a fly's mouthparts,  There the droplet starts to lose some of its heat to the air when the droplet has cooled a bit, the fly then slurps it back it, the same droplet seemed to be released, cooled, drawn back in and then drooled again. The insect repeated this several times in a row.  This may prevent dangerous overheating. After several droolings, the fly's body temperature can drop up to 4 degrees Celsius below that the surrounding air. 


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