Virus v/s Bacteria | who is more powerful !

Virus and Bacteria both are the biotic components of our ecosystem and they are biologically very important as like any other component in our environment
Before starting the answer One fact I must clear that Bacteria's are most abundant than viruses. Not all bacteria are dangerous for us but all viruses are dangerous for us.

As far as we all know that bacteria have a complete cell and perform all it's metabolic activities and do much more by itself but viruses can't do itself. Viruses need a host to complete their life cycle. 
Viruses are much more chronic to us because they have only a set of DNA/RNA as their genetic material which they insert in host's genome to complete their life cycle. Once the viral genome inserted in host's genome then it becomes difficult to eradicate the effects of virus and it's gene, but thanks to modern genetic engineering we can control, knock out,  and decrease the effects of particular genes at some extent. 
When we talk about bacteria's they are most harmfull but depends on their population and antigenic secretions. When they present in small amount their antigens are also in less and are controlled by antibiotics but in larger amount they are hard to control. 
Bacterial infection is also chronic, some bacteria's have impact on our primary immune defences some have impact on our nerve system. When its impact is more on our body we are unable to respond against it and it becomes dangerous for us.  Certain studies found that bacteria become antibiotic resistance if exposed over long time e.g: Salmonellae,  Helicobector pylori, Enterobacteriacae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Enterococcus faecium, Staphylococcus aureus etc.
While in case of viruses they gain control on our genes and every time translation occurs it affects. Newly discovered Retro viruses are very dangerous and almost impossible to cure because they do reverse transcription to form their DNA inside the host and after that weakens the host immune system, due to which other diseases arise and person dies. In the case of HIV
We can see in our history viruses have larger effects on eradicating a huge population e.g: Plague,  Enterovirus, Rabbies,  Ebola etc. 

At last i concluded that viruses are more dangerous than any bacteria if they entered in host's cell and inserted their genomes, here i exclude some viruses that are very much poor in pathogenecity like influenza virus.  But bacteria are too dangerous although we have antibiotics against them but they ate limited due to their adaptation to antibiotic resistance ability.  
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